At Midek Paint Direct, have loyal and dedicated clients who loves to shop at our store in Randburg. You can read some of their testimonials below.

Well thought through and practical advice. No colour is impossible for them and the exceptionally friendly service and quality products makes me a loyal supporter

Cillié van Rooyen

Before discovering MIDEK I had no loyalty to any brand but the quality and value offered by MIDEK changed my view. I am now a picky customer and whenever I need to do any paint job I insist on MIDEK!

Lisa Maria Bornmann

A friend referred us to MIDEK and having heard all the promises before I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprized to have all expectations fulfilled. The painter we used LOVED the product, repeatedly telling us that he has never before used paint this good! This was really reassuring and the final look and feel was more than I expected. I LOVE MIDEK!

Lisa Moolman

We had an extensive revamp done on our house spending quite a bit of money. We decided on the MIDEK as their quote came in a lot less than other market leaders. Having said that, MIDEK does not have to give an inch to the bigger companies when it comes to quality of products and knowing what painting is all about. I would recommend MIDEK to anyone and will never use any other brand again.

Alta Kruger

The guys came in and at first I was suspicious of the MIDEK brand but once the colour went on and dried I was impressed by the soft sheen and quality finish. Normally the odour of a new paint job drives me out of the house for days but with MIDEK we moved in the next day. This was 5 years ago and the quality still impresses me whenever I need to wash stubborn marks off the walls.

Engela Wiesner
Featherbrooke Estate