The Best Open-Can Paint Colour Matching In The Industry

At Midek Paint Direct we pride ourselves in having the best open-can paint colour matching in the industry.

We are able to match our paints to any sample supplied allowing for small spots to be touched up when required.

Being able to match so precisely gives us the edge when it comes to painting units in a complex or cluster of units where the previous supplier or contractor cannot be contacted to verify the product and/or colour.

Another great use of this service is where the ridge waterproofing on a tiled roof has been repaired and, instead of having unsightly brown or grey lines running all over where repairs was done, we simply mix our roof paint to match the tiles and the new waterproofing blends in perfectly.

The ability to match exact has many instances of application but in most instances we still recommend a repaint from corner to corner. This allows us to concentrate on the colour and not worrying about the gloss level.

The new paint always shows up as unsightly shiny spots (even if the colour was matched exactly) as the new sheen (top quality) reflects a lot more light than the old weathered paint surrounding it. The only way to match the matt appearance of an old coating is to use a very low quality PVA and the lower quality never provides a satisfactory finish for the customer and the life expectancy of cheap paints always disappoints.

If a repaint from corner to corner is not viable anything can be used as a break-off point when the colour is spot-on. A gutter, electrical conduit, plumbing pipe or even a surface mounted cable. If even that is not an option the transition from old to new can be done on a section where the wall is broken by a window or doorway with a special technique that we can assist with.