Save A Coat Of Paint

Save time and money with one less coat of paint. At Midek Paint Direct we supply superior quality paint needing one less coat and getting the job done in less time.

Skip multiple paint layers and having to do job over and over again by using our paint you will always need one fewer coat.

At Midek  we know that the labour and time components of any project normally amounts to more than the material cost. Applying this to a painting project, saving a small amount of money on a cheaper product that needs an additional coat of paint to cover sufficiently, will be more costly when all costs are considered.

For contractors or handymen, going back to a job the following day to do the final coat costs extra money and erodes the already small margins. For homeowners this means less inconvenience of having strangers on your property, finishing the painting job in a shorter time. From customer feedback we know that work was completed with one coat, and that more money was saved than the extra money spent on a superior product.

The quickest way to reduce the quality of paint is to add additional water. At Midek we believe that giving customers the best possible value for their money, means adding only the necessary water to make the paint workable. Thicker paint also makes for less of a mess whilst applying it, as watered-down products drip and splatter all over the place.

Painters love working with Midek paint, as it is easy to apply and less time is spent cleaning up afterwards.

We are so confident in our coverage that you can test the product in-store before buying.