We Pay You For Your Unused Midek Paint

Don’t let paint stand around taking up space and causing a hazard. At Midek Paint Direct we will buy back your unused paint.

Unique, no risk offer. We will buy back any unused Midek Paint. You have nothing to lose.

We became aware of the huge problem where homeowners end up collecting half-used or barely-used buckets or cans of paint. Not wanting to throw something good and with possible future value out, they decide to hang on to it for “just-in-case”. Our suggestion would be to pour yourself out a small quantity for touch ups into a new container. This container should be small enough to be filled with paint (to eliminate having air inside the container) and be able to be sealed air tight. Plastic is always a good idea as they can resist being knocked over without breaking or shattering. Another benefit of keeping a small quantity for touch-ups is that they take up a lot less space and can even be stored in your groceries cupboard. What to do with the remainder? Well, at Midek we have the skill and expertise to re-use or recycle your old paint. You can save up to ninety percent of your unused paint from becoming waste.

With our unique offer, you are rid of the clutter, get some of your money back and you are a responsible consumer, protecting the environment and generating less waste.


This product buyback offer extends to every product bought from our factory store in the form and container it was sold, and includes specially mixed colours. More details available in store.

Conditions of this offer:

  1. The unused portion of a product must be returned in the original container, uncontaminated with the invoice or proof of purchase.
  2. Unused products must not be mixed together, mixed with other manufacturers’ product, or thinned to increase the volume. We have the right to refuse such returns.
  3. The portion of unused product will be calculated and fully refunded as a percentage of the paid price.
  4. This buy-back offer cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or special offers.